Accelerate Business:

To Accelerate Business Branded paper cups act as an ice breaker ! .We help our clients in all aspects to grab the customer’s attention with their conceptualize design and marketing views in targeting the right customer’s at right time.

In social events, and gathering, not everyone is social. There are those who just freak out and the simplest idea they can get to hit up a conversation with another person in the event. When this happens, your business will be what comes to mind.

accelerate business

I mean what else will be in this person’s mind aside from your business logo and tagline that he has seen everywhere he has looked in the past twenty minutes or so? And just in case you are not aware, people talking about your business is good, no actually it is great. Most often they lead to conversions for your business.

While advertising over TV, radio leaves an option to change the channel for customer, advertising over paper tea cups is bound to make an impression in customer’s mind. Our medium is clutter free, provides 5-7 minutes of exposure time and triggers discussion over tea breaks which make a deeper impression in customer’s mind.