We are Ads’n’cups, a bunch of highly motivated youngsters, working in unison, to bring about a means to take your product’s/service’s name to the common public.Paper cups plays a vital role in hot/cool beverages in Chennai.

In the olden days, the success of any product or service was reliant on just the quality of the product, while the word spread like wildfire. Fast forward to 21st century, the spreading of word comes at the cost of great financial and effort expense. We wanted to bring about a means, where we will continue to spread the word for you about whatever you intend, but for much a cheaper cost and to the right kind of audience.

paper cups

This is where we step in. We are taking your services and products to the nook and corner by targeting the establishments using “Paper Cups”. They have become almost the defacto in such establishments and marketing using these is a move not only is cost effective, but also strategical. Considering the valuable distraction the design in the cups can offer, your product/service is quite certain to take an eye.

We have an out-and-out understanding in this regard and would love yo collaborate with you to spread the word.
Thanks and Best Regards.